1. Measure Up precisely

Before you start designing your bathroom you need to accurately measure it. This must be done carefully and exactly in order to design the best bathroom for you and the space. Remember – measure twice and cut once!

Plumbco Services will take care of this for you if you need us to.

2. Choose your layout

Even the dreamiest bathroom has to deal with plumbing drains, water lines, and vent stacks. Bathroom floor plans generally fall into one-, two- or three-wet-wall layouts. A wet-wall refers to the way your fittings (bath, shower, toilet, basin etc.) are plumbed into the bathroom. This determines where to run plumbing lines and pipes to the fittings themselves.

A one-wet-wall layout has the toilet; sink and shower fitted along the same wall in the bathroom, and tends to be relatively cost effective due to the uncomplicated plumbing required With a two-wet-wall layout, you can have your shower plumbed in on one wall and your toilet and sink in another. A three-wet-wall layout enables you to plumb the toilet, sink and shower onto three different walls. This can be an expensive option, but it does give you more choice.

3. Flooring:

The most important thing about your bathroom floor is that it’s waterproof and non-slip. The most popular choice, of course, is tiles, as these are the most durable when confronted with moisture and steam. There are a range of colours, styles and finishes to choose from. Tiles will more than likely stand the test of time, more so than other types of flooring. You can also choose to have vinyl if you have a smaller budget.

4. Lighting

As bathrooms are often placed next to the bedroom, lighting should be considered carefully. You don’t want bright lights flashing on in the middle of the night – it’s not comfortable for the person taking a trip to the bathroom, or for the person asleep next-door. Also consider how clever lighting can transform the look and make a bathroom feel larger.

5. Ventilation is important

You don’t want damp to occur in your bathroom, especially in an ensuite placed so close to the bedroom, which is why extraction needs to be considered. Make sure the room is well ventilated, as you certainly don’t want steam flowing into the bedroom, nor do you want your extraction to be too loud.

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